Happy Third Anniversary!

Published December 8, 2011 by jodieo

Who are these weirdos?

Dear UC & Moon,

Three years ago you started a pair of blogs. You started them to exorcise personal demons, amuse yourselves, amuse each other, and maybe amuse a handful of your friends. You loved a series of silly books and one very silly movie, flaws and all. While all the other fansites and blogs were taking the Saga and themselves so seriously you provided a place to laugh about it… with the utmost love of course. It wasn’t long before your friends brought in a few friends. Who brought in a few friends. Who brought in a few more friends, and in a few short months you were a hit!

You became a beacon for all us Normal fans who had an acute fondness for all things Twilight, Rob, and sarcasm. We squealed when ‘Sam Bradley’ left a comment on LTR, we were

Not gonna lie, sometimes we hate UC a little...

outraged (but secretly smug and proud) when some entertainment show stole quotes out of our comments and didn’t give us credit, when Jackson made eyes at an oblivious UC we laughed and joked and dreamed about how this was the first step to you guys making it really big. And then Stephenie made a remark on her blog about reading your blogs everyday and we all high-fived… then promptly read back through our own comments to make sure we didn’t say anything too rude.


OH CRAP! What did I say about her lipstick??

But seriously, could it get any better than that?! Turns out it could. Remember that time Steph announced that she “pulled” your name out of a hat (suuuuure, Steph, suuuuurrrrreee….) and you were to be part of some sort of bloggers’ panel with the Queen herself!? That was an amazing day. If we could have thrown a ticker tape parade where you sat on the back of an old convertible and did the princess wave to all of your adoring fans we would have. We basked in the second-hand glory and told anyone who would listen that our favorite bloggers, our friends were going to interview SMeyer! Could it get any better than that?? Well no, not really. I mean, she created it all. She created Edward. HOWEVER, we did joke that now you were such bigwigs you’d end up on the red carpet before long. You p’shawed and scoffed (Was it because you knew the carpets there were really black and not red?) So, like any loyal friends, we watched terrible live feeds from sucktard interviewers and didn’t begin to care which random vampire they were talking to because WE COULD SEE UC IN THE BACKGROUND! THERE SHE IS! IT’S UCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Dear Moon, next time wear red or blue or something so we can see you, too!) You got to interview the stars! Some random guy! Some other guy! Nikki

When Stef kisses Moon, she kisses us all.

Reed! You shouted past Mike Welch! And the best part of the night? Steph greeted you like you were buddies. Chums. Friends. Which made us all feel like we are friends with her, too. You’ve come so far since the old days when your letters were a single sentence and had two comments. ¬†We couldn’t be more proud of you.

But you know what’s even better than being on a black carpet or being besties with SMeyer? This community you’ve built. Through the blogs and the comments and the forum we’ve made friends. Not just Twilight friends where we all sit

This is normal, right?

around eating Twilight Candy hearts while we play Twilight Scene It, but actual friends. Friends who have become closer and more dear to us than people we’ve known for decades. Friends who we wished lived nearer because they are a lot more fun than our in-town friends. Friends who get you, your sense of humor, and who will play Uno with you on the pavement in 10 degree weather at 3AM while you wait outside the Today Show. People who make ‘ole’ the funniest word in the world even if you weren’t at that particular party. People who support you through your wedding jitters, your divorces, your new jobs, your new babies, the losses of your loved ones, and the petty bad days when the car won’t start and you spill coffee down your shirt. And when you are feeling your worst they’ll come along and make you laugh. People who trust that you aren’t really some 60-year-old pervert when they offer you a place to stay next time you are in town. We may never meet some of them in person, but they are friends who would probably track down a kidney if any of us needed one. And they’ll be with us long after this whole vampire phase has crumbled to ashes. Friends we wouldn’t have if you guys hadn’t started two ‘secret’ blogs three years ago.

For that, we can never thank you enough.

Happy Anniversary UC & Moon. We love you!


the Ladies of the Forum, Your Adoring Fans